1. 经济系博士第一年课程和编程资料

Labor Econ

MIT- Labor Economics

Presentation Talk:

1. How to Give an Applied Micro Talk by Jesse Shapiro

2. Public Speaking for Academic Economists by Rachael Meager


1.IZA Events;

2. NBER Summer Institute

Summer School:

1. Price Theory Summer Camp UChicago 2019

2. IZA Summer School in Labor Economics 2019

3. ICPSR Summer Program 2019 UMichigan 2019


1. Purdue OWL: APA Style Citation

2. REStat’s Data Archive

3. Datasets from Shanghai NYU

4. General Resources from Andrew Johnston‘s website

5. John Cochrane‘s Writing Tips for Ph. D. Students

6. The Equality of Opportunity Project

7. Student Resources from Econ Department UChicago 

8.  An Interview with Amitabh Chandra

9. CSWEP Newsletter (2011): How to Get Published in an Economics Journal

10. The Craft of Writing Effectively 

11. Michael Weisbach’s  The Economist’s Craft. 

12. Eric Sims’s slides on Research & Writing Seminar

13. Junfu Zhang’s 模型在微观实证研究中的作用–以城市和区域经济学为例